My name is Wade Stewart, and I am a former many time World Champion Speed Climber and the reigning 2008 Ironjack World Champion lumberjack. During the last eleven years I have performed in over 3000 lumberjack shows in the Grouse Mountain Lumberjack Show. Throughout each summer I travel to compete professionally. Over the years I have sustained several injuries to my back. Often I need professional chiropractic adjustments to keep my body in top form. Without any doubt, I can attribute much of my competition success to Dr. Jordan Myers of Westwood Chiropractic for keeping my spine aligned and healthy. I would recommend Dr. Jordan Myers to anyone especially to athletes who want to heal faster so they won’t have to miss their own next big event. To Westwood Chiropractic I truly thank you
Wade Stewart

wade stewart


I was suffering headaches for years located behind my right ear at the base of my skull. They were getting worse and worse, triggered anytime my chin was down, like with reading, vacuuming etc. I was taking Advil almost daily, I’d been to my GP, a neurologist and a spine specialist, all to no avail. In desperation I took a colleague’s suggestion to heart, and attended upon Dr. Myers. After a comprehensive assessment Dr. Myers went to work treating the real problem, spinal misalignment, particularly high up in my neck. The headaches were eased immediately and are now less and less frequent.
Mark G.  – January 2007

I started with Chiropractic due to acute back pain and I remember that back pain to be overwhelming. It affected everything I did at home and at work and it even masked some of the malfunction and degeneration that had been building up over the years. When Chiropractic adjustments began to help me it was obvious that I could have benefited from Chiropractic much sooner. With regular adjustments, not only has my pain become minimal, to often non-existent, but I have more energy and better overall health. I don’t have to see my x-rays to know that the adjustments have corrected the dysfunction and I am living a much fuller life because I can do so much more. I do more walking, swimming, exercise and I can enjoy doing things with my children without worrying about my back. I think I notice the reduction in headaches the most because my neck is not bent forward so much and my overall posture has been corrected.

My daughter was six years old when she started to see the Chiropractor and I wasn’t sure how he would be able to help her. She had experienced asthma symptoms when she was younger and has always had many colds and upper respiratory problems, but after only a few weeks of adjustments, my daughter’s symptoms had improved and she was actually reminding me that our appointments were coming up as she was looking forward to seeing the Chiropractor.

My four year old daughter has also had adjustments. She asks me to hold her hand while the adjustments are done but she always has a smile on her face so I think she just wants to know I am near her. Now that my six year daughter and I have benefited so much, I was happy to introduce my youngest to the Chiropractor.

Tamira B   -  March 2008

I was unfamiliar with the term subluxation until my initial consultation with Dr. Myers. Worksafe BC had deemed my injury “healed” and I could not get through a day without excruciating pain in my SI joint. Simple chores like vacuuming, grocery shopping and driving even short distances aggravated my core pain to such an extent that I felt hopeless about the future. I was so uncomfortable that wearing baggy sweat pants was the norm. My partner and I took turns sleeping on the couch, and at thirty-eight I was becoming old before my time.

For the first time in six months, I am able to participate in my life again! I now realize how completely incapacitated by pain I had become. I’m hopeful about the future and looking forward to returning to work and more demanding activities. My clothes fit better, family and friends have commented that I look “different” or perhaps I lost weight or seem taller because my posture has improved.

I would encourage others to explore this therapeutic option FIRST! I don’t generally believe in quick fixes, but I had immediate relief and improve with each session


I’ve suffered for years with menstrual cramps so painful that at least two day a month I would be bed-ridden and forced to rely on Tylenol 3’s for any relief. Dr. Myers mentioned that I may notice a decrease of symptoms following adjustments, as I had a subluxation in this area. To my surprise….no cramps or any of the other monthly suffering this time around! This was a serious problem for me that I never thought could be mitigated by a Chiropractor. I had been to doctors, OBGYNS and was awaiting approval for a full hysterectomy – at 38! – because the symptoms were unbearable. Ladies, we all know the invasive procedures we endure as the conventional practitioners try to figure out what’s going on “down there”. Give this fully clothed, simple alternative a try – it works!

Susi W. – February 2008

Since I have been seeing Dr. Myers for Chiropractic treatments I am able to sleep soundly. Before starting my regular Chiropractic sessions I was not able to fall asleep very easily, nor stay asleep. I have been amazed at how restorative my sleep now is.

Gloria G. – June 2008

Before Chiropractic care I was in constant neck pain, suffered from lack of sleep and had heartburn like no person should have. I have noticed more flexibility, more energy, better sleep and NO MORE HEARTBURN! I find my posture is improved and I sit straighter in the office and the car. I would recommend Westwood Chiropractic to anyone!
Steve D. – March 2008

I suffered a whiplash type injury while playing tennis and ignored it for over a year before receiving treatment for it. In the meantime I developed bone spurs in my neck and down my spine which has severely hampered my range of motion in my neck and back.

Since I have been receiving regular weekly Chiropractic adjustments for the past three years, I am able to continue to do the things I love, like tennis, biking and swimming. I can now do shoulder checks while driving without any pain. The biggest improvement in my life has been my immune system’s improved functionality from getting regular adjustments. I have not been sick at all in the last three years!
Ron O. – January 2008

I had bad headaches and minimal neck rotation and my back would seize up, to the point I had to lay on the floor for at least an hour to get relief. I could not stand for more than 5 minutes without pain and had poor “in and out of sleep” patterns.
Since beginning Chiropractic adjustments I have better head rotation with minimum headaches, have not had one back “seizure” and though I have only minimal improving with standing, I am sleeping more soundly.

My posture has improved and I don’t seem to stoop as much, and feel that I hold my head higher. I wish I would have done Chiropractic care when I herniated my disc in 1980 and am afraid I waited too long to get help to get a chance of a complete recovery. And I love the staff!
Jim N. – November 2006

When I first went to see Dr. Myers one and a half years ago, I had pain in my right shoulder and right arm. After treatments with Dr. Myers I have almost no pain in my shoulder and my arm has considerably improved. My general health has significantly gotten better so I will continue to be treated.
Joyce M. – November 2006

Prior to treatments I suffered from frequent headaches and constant back pain. I had cut back the amount of golf that I would have liked to have played and cut out totally other sports due to the pain and long recovery times.

Over the past year I have been able to play more golf without having to go through 3 days of recovery after each round and I am playing some of my best rounds ever! I can do the simple things, like a shoulder check in the car because of the mobility that I now have. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I get to play with my grandkids not just watch them. Things that I have noticed about my body and posture are that I am more upright, stronger and more balanced.

would like to thank the staff for their professionalism and friendship throughout this process,

Rick B. - July 2007

I have had chronic pain and tension in my neck and upper back and shoulder area and also numbness in my arms and fingers for 20+ years. Physio, stretching and exercise would minimize the problems temporarily but never corrected the problems. I assumed I would never be able to find relief.

Since beginning adjustments my general quality of life has greatly improved! I have better flexibility and the pain and tension has lessened. I am not even halfway through my treatment but anticipate further improvement.

It has been so much easier for me to maintain good posture which is so important to my healing process. Before treatment I found it difficult to stay in positions for any length of time that were ergonomically correct for my condition.

As a bonus, my tinnitus – both ringing and pulsative – has practically stopped! I have had this condition my entire life. I am ecstatic that Chiropractic treatment has helped me in this way where medical practitioners have not been able to help or even diagnose the cause.

Deanna B. – June
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