Spinal Health – The Body’s Foundation
We live our lives through our Nervous System – every action, feeling and thought.  To connect the brain to the body, the nerves have to pass through the spinal column and exit between these spinal bones.  Any malfunction in the spine caused by poor posture, accidents, falls, or damaging work environment can affect the health of the spine causing nerve interference.  Researchers agree that nerve interference is the cause of many of the unwanted conditions that people suffer from every day.

This fun and important workshop represents the core mission of our clinic; which is to improve the long-term health of people’s spines and health in general.  The focus is on posture – good, bad and how to correct it, ergonomics – the five types of physical stresses on the body, and understanding your spinal health future.

The 5 Pillars of Health
In this interactive workshop, people are taken on a journey to learn where health comes from.  Strategies are discussed on how to tap into the natural healing ability and powers of recuperation of the body.  The 5 pillars of health will be explored with information on exercise, nutrition, proper posture, rest and mental well-being.  Packed with the latest research, this seminar is guaranteed to inspire.

Power stretching and Ergonomics
An effective combination of topics, this seminar is a fun, hands on approach to body and environmental wellness.  It is well known that the activities people do on a daily basis have an effect on their level of health.  Proper understanding of ergonomics for the home and workplace and implementing helpful adjustments to our environment are one of the most effective long-term strategies to avoid musculo-skeletal injury.  Muscles shorten as we age and with our current lifestyle and habits.  Learning an effective, safe stretching program that is enjoyable will provide the long-term benefit of reduced injury, healthier joints and better overall function in the body.   

Advanced Nutrition & Wellness
Everyone today is constantly subjected to chemical, emotional and physical stresses, which create a breakdown process in our bodies.  This seminar focuses on healthy nutrition, the benefits of eating to support the healing processes going on inside of us, and why you want to avoid putting more toxins in.  Participants will learn the research and benefits of Super Foods, Anti-Aging nutrition, and nutrition for joint health.  An understanding of the destructive processes of inflammation and oxidation that creates premature degeneration will help to motivate attendees to instil the habits of healthy eating. 

Sitting on the Job – How To Stay Fit While You Sit
Over half of all jobs in North America involve prolonged sitting, which our bodies were not designed for.  Carpal tunnel syndrome and neck pain are now surpassing low back pain as the major work place injuries.  Learn strategies to combat abnormal work ergonomics and the resulting stress they place on your body.  This interactive workshop is packed with the latest information, numerous stretches and strategies to reduce fatigue. 

Standing on the Job – Your Back To The Future
Prolonged standing is stressful to the human body as we know from researching our ancestors that we were designed to be moving around, gathering food, caring for young, and so on - not standing in one place.  Unfortunately some occupations require standing in one area, which can lead to painful and damaging problems with the feet, knees, hips and spine.  Every challenge has a solution, and that’s the goal of this interactive seminar: to keep healthy while you’re standing.  Effective stretching and strengthening of key muscle groups can make the difference.  In addition, understanding helpful ideas to make the workstation easier on the body. Assessment of the health of the individual’s feet, lower limbs and spine can find areas of weakness which could offer further long term solutions.  Everyone can benefit from the information and assessment offered through this workshop.

Body for Life
Learn the recipe for getting maximum physical results from your fitness efforts.  Learn how to set realistic goals and achieve them.  Understand the power of pain vs. pleasure principle to allow you to happily do your training instead of dragging yourself to your workouts. 

In this workshop, people will learn what foods to eat to get the quickest results and how to train your body to ensure that you burn your fat stores first!   Discover what the research shows on what supplements you should take and not take. 

Arthritis Discovery Workshop
In this informative workshop the focus is to give everyone an understanding of the causes of arthritis and to provide natural safe solutions to enhance the joint repair process and reverse the degenerative cycle.  Discover how nutrition can be a great ally for healing and how exercise can help.  Learn the special role of Chiropractic care in preventing or slowing down spinal arthritis. 

Asthma, Allergies & Immune Boosting
Every year millions of people are affected by allergies, with billions of dollars being spent on allergy medications!  Are these drugs completely safe?  Why does one person suffer seasonal allergies while another person is fine? 

Asthma is the number one condition for hospitalization of children.  Are asthma medications completely safe? What does the research show for alternatives?  

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to increase the natural resistance in the body. 

Freedom From Headaches & Stress
“In this fast paced world I live in, I don’t have time for a headache,” common words heard on television commercials for drug companies.  People will commonly take medications to keep going and to avoid feeling headache pain.  Headaches are not normal.  Symptoms such as headaches are signs of malfunction, indicating that something in the body is not working properly.  Stress is a natural result of being alive; without some stress we would never survive.  It is how we respond to stress that makes the difference. 

The focus of this workshop is to have attendees understand the different types of headaches and their cause.  Ninety percent of headaches are the result of nerve impingement in the neck.  Learn what good and bad posture is and how it can affect the spinal nerves.  Postural assessment and spinal nerve analysis are provided for everyone.  Strategies to keep stressful situations from having a negative effect on our health are also explored. 

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