Welcome to your first visit at Westwood Chiropractic & Message! The easiest access to the building is to enter the underground parking on the west side of the building.  Parking spaces #48 to #57 are reserved free for our patients.  After 5:30 the front door to the building on the ground floor is locked and the only access is through the elevator lobby in the underground parkade.


  Please proceed to the second floor and our office is directly across from the elevators.
  To begin, our friendly staff will provide you with a health history questionnaire to fill out. This will give the doctor important information about your presenting complaint(s) as well as your general health history.


When you meet the doctor he will sit down with you and ask you questions about your health history and any body signals or symptoms you may be experiencing. He will also explain what specific exam procedures he will be doing and exactly what conditions we look for in Chiropractic.
In Chiropractic we are concerned with the health of your spine and nervous system. Physical, chemical, and emotional stresses can cause interference in our nervous system – called Spinal Subluxations. This is caused when the spinal bones lose their proper position or motion, irritating or compressing the sensitive nerves that exit between the spinal bones.
Traumas such as car accidents, slips, falls, and awkward or heavy lifting can create subluxations.  Poor postures while standing or sitting at a computer also create spinal stress and nerve interference. The purpose of the spinal examination done by a Chiropractor is to locate these Subluxations (areas of nerve interference.)
Physical Exam

Examination will include palpation of the spinal bones, looking for restricted movement or misalignment of the vertebrae. Ranges of motion testing for the neck and low back will also show how well the spine is functioning
  Examination of upper and lower body complaints will be done if needed.
Posture assessment

Proper posture is one of the most important factors for our health.  Postural examination will reveal any areas of concern such as forward head carriage, or tilts of the head or shoulders. 

Forward head carriage is one of the most serious concerns with people’s spinal health and their health in general.

Surface emg

Part of the examination will include a computerized nerve scan.  This scan helps to detect areas of nerve interference (Spinal subluxations).

These scans are useful to check for progress, as subsequent scans are done over the course of care at comparative exams.


If necessary, spinal xrays will be taken.  These pictures not only help rule out fractures, infection, and congenital anomalies, they provide a blue print of the spine to show any abnormal curves of the spine or tilts of the pelvis and how to correct them back to a state of wellness.

Most importantly, xrays will help show how long the subluxations (areas of spinal misalignment and nerve interference) have been present and will show any signs of spinal degeneration. 




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